Birth doula service

Hiring a doula is about more than just making a birth plan. Stephi helps you to make a plan for the things in birth and postpartum that you can control, and is there to help you meet the things you cannot control.

Cloud Support package:

  • Intake questionnaire
  • Resource folder
  • Childbirth basics email course
  • Birth plan
  • 45-minute Zoom meeting to wrap up
  • No birth attendance, in-person or virtual


Silver Lining package:

  • Minimum of 3 in-depth meetings, plus check-ins
  • Positive Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing course
  • Explanations of terminology and procedures as they come up in care provider appointments
  • Planning – budgeting for care, writing a birth plan, and postpartum plan
  • Guidance – prioritizing your goals with actionable steps
  • Research – help finding the best available evidence-based information for your unique pregnancy
  • Resources – tools to help you plan and learn
  • Referrals – connecting you to Houston’s premiere chiropractors, lactation consultants, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other care providers whose specialties support your goals
  • Physical and emotional support during birth process for you and your support team
  • Suggestions for position changes and movement
  • Support partner(s) in their role
  • Guidance adhering to birth plan or making changes as necessary
  • Pre-op and post-op support for Cesarean birth
  • Immediate postpartum care
  • Newborn feeding help
  • In-home follow-up visit
  • Postpartum support groups