Hi! I’m Stephi (she/her).

I have been a doula since 2013. I have trained with multiple doula organizations, including CAPPA, DTI, bebo mia, and the Labor Enabler Apprenticeship program. I am also trained in rebozo, Labor Whispering, optimal fetal positioning, aromatherapy and supporting birthers using Hypnobirthing/Hypnobabies.

As a professional doula, I attend all births, without judgment. I support families in a variety of unique birthing scenarios: low risk, unmedicated, high risk, surgical interventions, epidurals (planned and unplanned), home, hospital and birth centers. I specialize in facilitating communication between you, your family, your support team and your medical team, ensuring you are heard and respected throughout your process. Birthing people who participate in their care experience greater birth satisfaction and easier recoveries.  

I meet you where you are and I listen to what matters most to you and your support team. I guide you to take meaningful steps towards the best birth possible. I use my years of experience to provide you with knowledge and resources as your birth story unfolds, so you’ll be able to make decisions that reflect your priorities and bring you closer to your ideal birth experience.  

I believe in the power of community and chosen family. I believe our birth stories inform who we become as parents.  My favorite place to be is beside a laboring person, empowering them to be their own best advocate. 

Before I was a doula, I was a young single mother, navigating new parenthood on my own and meeting challenges without a community.  It was lonely, disempowering, and very hard. I worked to build my community, to set boundaries, and to renew faith in my ability to parent on my own terms–to break the mold. I’m now raising my five children with an amazing spouse, and together we navigate the challenges.

I struggled with breastfeeding every one of my babies. For years I begged for support, not knowing what a wealth of resources existed just beyond my view: birth and lactation professionals who could normalize my process and support me through my challenges. I have birthed with an epidural and without, in hospital beds and in my bedroom at home, with OB/GYNs and with midwives–sometimes my voice was heard, sometimes not. I have faced down the baby blues and postpartum depression, with family members ill-equipped to help, or even recognize the symptoms. All these moments in my life have led me here, to support you. No one should feel alone in these moments.

That’s my story. I’d LOVE to hear yours.

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