• I am Stephi Anderson (she/her). I have been a professional doula and childbirth educator since 2013. I have trained with multiple doula organizations since then. When considering a training, these are the questions I ask:

  • Will it help me impact my clients’ birth experiences in real, tangible ways?
  • Does it recognize and address racial disparities in obstetric/midwifery care?
  • Does it level up my profession by teaching birth workers to apply their knowledge in an inclusive and nuanced way?

I have learned a tremendous amount through training, and by working alongside other outstanding birth workers in my community. It is important to me that when I stand in a birthing space, I bring everything I have to support your well-being and your goals.

I meet you where you are and I listen to what matters most to you.

I guide you to take meaningful steps towards an experience and outcome that reflects your priorities and values. I use my years of experience to provide you with perspective and knowledge as your birth story unfolds, so you’ll be able to make decisions in the moment that you feel good about.  

I get to know you and your family.

It’s important to me to spend time with my clients, over several prenatal visits, talking about the big and the little things. This time together means that in the laboring space, I’ll know what you need before you tell me, both mentally and physically. I’ll also know what support is best provided by me, and what you’d prefer to receive from your partner, family members, or care team. I coordinate everyone around you, so you can labor in peace knowing your space is protected.

I attend your birth, where you choose and with the provider you choose.

I support families in a variety of unique birthing scenarios: unmedicated, high risk, surgical interventions, epidurals (planned and unplanned), home, hospitals and birth centers. I specialize in facilitating communication between you, your family, your support team and your medical team, ensuring you are heard and respected throughout your process. 

At the end of the day, I want you to treasure your experience, not because of the outcome, but because you prepared and you advocated and you never abandoned yourself. As your doula, I will remind you again and again that you and your body are worthy of care. I will show you how to care for yourself through gestation and into postpartum.

I believe in the power of community and chosen family. I believe our birth stories inform who we become as parents.  My favorite place to be is beside a laboring person, a witness to their journey and an advocate for their safety. 

I became a parent as a young single mom without a voice. It was lonely, disempowering, and very hard. I worked to build my community, to set boundaries, and to renew faith in my ability to parent on my own terms–to break the mold. Now I raise my five kids with my husband of 15 years (and we break all kinds of stuff).

I struggled with breastfeeding every one of my babies. For years I begged for support, not knowing resources existed just beyond my view. I have birthed with an epidural and without, in hospital beds and in my bedroom at home, with OB/GYNs and with midwives. There isn’t a right way to give birth. I’m here to support your way.

That’s my story. I’d LOVE to hear yours.